ant meaning in marathi

Word: ant
Meaning of ant in english - bug, insect, vermin, restlessness, inquietude, restiveness, unease

Meanings in marathi :

mungi ( मुंगी )
Synonyms of ant
pest louse flea beetle gnat cootie tick mite fly arachnid butterfly dragonfly moth grasshopper spider cockroach termite mosquito fruit fly aphid ladybug bumblebee bedbug arthropod hornet daddy longlegs praying mantis yellowjacket rat snake weasel rodent lice foxes mice centipede nervousness anxiety agitation insomnia disquiet jitters uneasiness ferment instability turmoil disturbance ailment unrest disquietude activity turbulence hurry bustle movement transience inconstancy jumpiness edginess excitability fretfulness ants fitfulness antsiness unsettledness
Antonyms of ant
calm calmness collectedness happiness tranquility inactivity laziness relaxation ease peace harmony order rest contentedness
Identical words :
As noun :
anticipation - avasari ( अवसरी )
As adjective :
antagonistic - avarodhi ( अवरोधी )
antidote for poison - upavikh ( उपवीख )
ant hill - vaavaruul ( वावरूळ )
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