appropriate meaning in marathi

Word: appropriate
Meaning of appropriate in english - suitable, set aside, allocate, steal

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
uchit ( उचित )
As adjective :
yukt ( युक्त )
Synonyms of appropriate
relevant useful convenient applicable apt fitting good proper pertinent correct opportune belonging right deserved becoming adapted befitting apropos congruous due felicitous germane just on the nose rightful seemly tailor-made well-timed true desired appurtenant on the button well-suited apportion devote earmark allot disburse appoint budget assign allow reserve set apart embezzle misappropriate borrow confiscate secure pilfer cop annex swipe snatch pocket filch lift usurp hijack liberate grab clap get fingers on get hands on glom on to grab hold of moonlight requisition
Antonyms of appropriate
inappropriate irrelevant unsuitable inopportune incorrect unskilled evil unreal unsuited unbecoming unseemly improper unfitting misbehaving withhold refuse reject bequeath bestow keep waste retain give return pay
Identical words :
appropriate to be received - upaadey ( उपादेय )
appropriate sense pleasure - jaativikho ( जातिविखो )
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