bed meaning in marathi

Word: bed
Meaning of bed in english - furniture for sleeping, patch of ground for planting, base, foundation

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
staran ( स्तरण )
Synonyms of bed
bunk mattress cot crib couch berth bassinet sack platform cradle davenport divan pallet trundle chaise bedstead frame row piece garden area plot border strip seat basis groundwork bottom rest substratum bedrock understructure insert settle fix embed establish implant
Antonyms of bed
unsettle destroy
Identical words :
As noun :
bedding - aadhaatur ( आधातुर )
bedstead - sejavat ( सेजवट )
bedroom - sejaar ( सेजार )
bed cover - aralal ( अरल--ळ )
bed with a silk cover - netavatasaiya ( नेतवटसैया )
bed consisting of a wooden frame with strips of cloth woven across it - paatabaaj ( पाटबाज )
bedstead and a mattress - baajasupavati ( बाजसुपवती )
bed with a canopy - bhavarapaalak ( भवरपालक )
bed prepared for planting seedlings - vaapa ( वापा )
bed with a mattress - sejabaaj ( सेजबाज )
bed of bliss - sukhasej ( सुखसेज )
bedroom where one is happy - sukhasejaar ( सुखसेजार )
bedroom servant - sejavekari ( सेजवेकरी )
bed made of swan feathers - hansatulika ( हंसतुळिका )
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