beloved meaning in marathi

Word: beloved
Meaning of beloved in english - adored, someone adored

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
priy ( प्रिय )
As adjective :
vallabh ( वल्लभ )
Synonyms of beloved
loved dear favorite respected popular hallowed pet sweet darling pleasing fair-haired precious admired prized venerated treasured cherished well-liked esteemed revered dearest cared for doted on endeared highly regarded highly valued idolized worshiped near to one's heart heartthrob honey girlfriend rave sugar sweetheart beau baby boyfriend steady flame lover heartbeat number one significant other inamorato fiancé first and last love of my life numero uno object of affection one and only tootsie
Antonyms of beloved
hated disliked despised enemy foe
Identical words :
beloved little boy - dingar ( डिंगर )
beloved woman - valabha ( वलभा )
beloved man - priy ( प्रिय )
beloved relatives - pritisoirin ( प्रीतिसोइरीं )
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