broken meaning in marathi

Word: broken
Meaning of broken in english - destroyed, made into pieces from a whole, discontinuous, mentally defeated, not working, forgotten, ignored (promise), stuttering in speech

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vichhin ( विछीन )
Synonyms of broken
injured damaged defective crippled mutilated smashed cracked separated burst hurt split rent fragmentary shattered crumbled fragmented collapsed mangled crushed busted fractured demolished ruptured severed shivered slivered disintegrated shredded riven dismembered pulverized in pieces disturbed interrupted disconnected erratic incomplete intermittent irregular spasmodic spastic beaten subdued depressed oppressed demoralized discouraged heartsick tamed humbled overpowered browbeaten disheartened vanquished wrecked faulty ruined gone shot exhausted spent disabled down out feeble haywire imperfect kaput on the blink on the fritz out of commission out of order run-down unsatisfactory weak wracked coming unglued coming unstuck fallen apart gone to pieces gone to pot in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable not functioning on the shelf out of kilter out of whack screwed up isolated abandoned transgressed infringed violated disobeyed disregarded dishonored retracted traduced stammering hesitating halting disjointed hesitant incoherent unintelligible muttered
Antonyms of broken
connected OK continuous satisfied working flowing perfect unbroken complete fixed whole happy uplifted kept encouraged repaired
Identical words :
broken into small pieces - aadamoda ( आडमोडा )
broken piece of grain - kani ( कणी )
broken to pieces - khandakhanda ( खंडखंडा )
broken piece - thikari ( ठिकरी )
broken into a hundred pieces - shatakut ( शतकुट )
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