certain meaning in marathi

Word: certain
Meaning of certain in english - confident, undoubtable, valid, fixed, referring to a specifically known amount

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
nigut ( निगुत )
Synonyms of certain
positive sure convinced assertive assured believing calm cocksure sanguine satisfied secure self-confident unconcerned undisturbed unperturbed untroubled undoubting questionless undoubtful real genuine undeniable clear safe definite absolute authoritative conclusive demonstrable destined determined evident firm guaranteed in the bag incontrovertible indubitable infallible irrefutable plain provable reliable set sound supreme sure thing trustworthy unambiguous undoubted unequivocal unerring unmistakable verifiable true ascertained confirmable establishable having down pat on ice predestined salted away bound decided established insured settled stated warranted certified concluded ensured stipulated precise specified individual various particular numerous special express many marked one regular several singular some sundry divers a couple a few defined
Antonyms of certain
indefinite uncertain unsure doubting hesitant questionable unreliable undecided unpredictable doubtful unconfident dubious faltering unfixed dishonest counterfeit unreal unclear indistinct vague false invalid doubted obscure inexact unimportant usual imprecise general common
Identical words :
certainty - bharvasa ( भर्वसा )
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