doubt meaning in marathi

Word: doubt
Meaning of doubt in english - lack of faith, conviction, questioning, lack confidence in, question

Meanings in marathi :

samasya ( समस्या )
Synonyms of doubt
hesitation disbelief apprehension confusion uncertainty reluctance mistrust misgiving difficulty distrust suspicion ambiguity qualm suspense skepticism fear problem vacillation hesitancy dilemma incredulity diffidence quandary disquiet indecision incertitude faithlessness discredit rejection wavering irresolution perplexity dubiety dubiousness scruple demurral faltering agnosticism lack of confidence hesitate suspect impugn vacillate challenge disbelieve insinuate imagine query dispute fluctuate surmise shilly-shally misdoubt misgive be apprehensive of be curious be dubious be in a quandary be puzzled be uncertain be undetermined call in question give no credence harbor suspicion have qualms not buy read differently skepticize smell a rat take dim view of
Antonyms of doubt
calmness clarity knowledge dependence reliance certainty sureness belief trust ease definiteness confidence faith solution remain rely stay agree go along answer believe be certain
Identical words :
As noun :
doubter - vikalapiya ( विकलपीया )
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