drowsiness meaning in marathi

Word: drowsiness
Meaning of drowsiness in english - inertia, laziness, lethargy, torpor, sleepiness, sluggishness, hebetude, languidness, leadenness, shiftlessness, slothfulness, sluggardness, torpidity

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
nigal ( निगळ )
न गळणारे
Synonyms of drowsiness
apathy inactivity idleness listlessness stillness stupor lassitude languor indolence immobilization dullness unresponsiveness passivity paralysis immobility oscitancy deadness negligence weariness inertness slackness dormancy stolidity tardiness heaviness remissness laxness slowness dilatoriness leisureliness torpidness faineance dreaminess neglectfulness do-nothingness faineancy lackadaisicalness languorousness otioseness otiosity supineness torpescence disinterest indifference impassivity unconcern inaction passiveness coma heedlessness slumber disregard phlegm inanition unmindfulness insouciance lifelessness fatigue tiredness
Antonyms of drowsiness
animation busyness liveliness action activity life moving diligence hard work industriousness industry awakening consciousness vigor vitality vivaciousness wakefulness concern interest regard energy vivacity feeling
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