easily meaning in marathi

Word: easily
Meaning of easily in english - without difficulty, without a doubt

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sahaj ( सहज )
As adverb :
helaahelaan ( हेळा-हेळां )
Synonyms of easily
regularly handily smoothly freely well calmly quickly comfortably simply surely readily competently evenly hand over fist hands down lightly nothing to it piece of cake plainly steadily swimmingly effortlessly conveniently efficiently coolly dexterously facilely fluently just like that like nothing no sweat uncomplicatedly with ease with no effort without a hitch without trouble certainly actually definitely probably clearly really absolutely assuredly decidedly doubtless far and away indeed indubitably positively truly undoubtedly unquestionably doubtlessly almost certainly beyond question by far indisputably no doubt undeniably
Antonyms of easily
difficultly insufficiently questionably doubtedly dubitably doubtfully dubiously
Identical words :
easily approachable or available - asalag ( असळग )
easily obtainable - aasalag ( आसळग )
easily removable - kanchukavat ( कंचुकवत )
easily accessible - samargh ( समर्घ )
easily digestible - halu ( हळु )
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