enjoyment meaning in marathi

Word: enjoyment
Meaning of enjoyment in english - delight in something, possession, use of

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sambhog ( संभोग )
upabhog ( उपभोग )
Synonyms of enjoyment
recreation indulgence thrill luxury joy satisfaction amusement relaxation fun pleasure happiness gratification sensuality zest rejoicing savor self-indulgence entertainment fruition gusto delectation diversion hedonism gladness relish triumph loving enjoying advantage benefit ownership using exercise spending
Antonyms of enjoyment
sadness sorrow woe dissatisfaction apathy chore task displeasure lack labor work depression unhappiness gloom pain failure misery need want disadvantage hindrance loss
Identical words :
enjoyment of poetry - rasakeli ( रसकेळी )
enjoyment of a person or thing that is not ones equal - vaijaatyavikho ( वैजात्यविखो )
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