enthusiasm meaning in marathi

Word: enthusiasm
Meaning of enthusiasm in english - keen interest, excitement

Meanings in marathi :

uchhaayav ( उछाय--व )
Synonyms of enthusiasm
emotion eagerness zeal joy energy warmth fury intensity passion fervor ardor frenzy feeling spirit devotion nerve keenness fad vim dash ecstasy rapture go transport flare pep earnestness vehemence craze snap hobby hilarity fanaticism life fever zest fire heat mania orgasm relish oomph glow conviction avidity joyfulness verve gaiety exhilaration flame activity mirth élan impetuosity vivacity fieriness red heat ardency
Antonyms of enthusiasm
apathy indifference lethargy inactivity laziness calm calmness coolness lifelessness dislike hate hatred frigidity sadness aloofness coldness doubt pessimism disinterest peace dullness unhappiness depression
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