expert meaning in marathi

Word: expert
Meaning of expert in english - knowledgeable, proficient, master, specialist

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
suvarm ( सुवर्म )
rasik ( रसिक )
Synonyms of expert
adroit experienced deft skillful skilled adept trained crackerjack slick virtuoso professional savvy sharp handy apt big league clever dexterous facile practiced qualified schooled authority artist connoisseur phenomenon ace guru wizard whiz graduate buff old hand artiste shark doyen hot shot
Antonyms of expert
clumsy unskilled ignorant inexperienced unskillful stupid unintelligent inexpert awkward inept green amateur unknowledgeable untrained ignoramus rookie apprentice
Identical words :
As noun :
expertise - paatav ( पाटव )
expert trickster - naatakuvindaani ( नाटकुविंदाणी )
expert swimmer - prapavhanaar ( प्रपव्हणार )
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