expiation meaning in marathi

Word: expiation
Meaning of expiation in english - amends, atonement, offering, penance, purification, ransom, recompense, reparation, lustration

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
praashchit ( प्राश्चित )
Synonyms of expiation
redress apology restitution quittance indemnification reprisal satisfaction restoration indemnity requital redemption payment propitiation contribution gift sacrifice beneficence oblation alms charity present subscription bene-faction retribution penitence repentance contrition remorse forgiveness absolution compunction mortification sorrow confession compensation rue penalty suffering purgation attrition ruth punishment remorsefulness self-flagellation shrift hair shirt sackcloth and ashes distillation regeneration grace rebirth washing refinement ablution purge catharsis baptism salvation bathing rarefaction sanctification expurgation lavation disinfection depuration laving purifying price release deliverance bribe payoff rescue liberation money salvo wages recovery tip gravy return emolument repayment reward retrieval remuneration overcompensation sweetener damages bus fare recoupment retrievement solatium renewal repair settlement adjustment dues making good
Antonyms of expiation
penalty dissatisfaction withdrawal happiness joy reward adulteration pollution dirtying corruption take extortion theft
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