feast on a ceremonial occasion meaning in marathi

Word: feast on a ceremonial occasion

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
kaajabhoj ( काजभोज )
कार्य- प्रसंगीची जेवणावळ
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feast one gives to the brāhmaṇas of ones village upon returning from a pilgrimagefeast to celebrate the conclusion of a religious ritefeastfeasting on sweetsfeatherfeeblefeedingfeetfeigned quarrel between two goldsmithsfeigningfeigninglyfelicitationfellow travellersfellow-fellowfemale advisorfemale alligatorfemale asceticfemale attendantfemale baby birdfemale bardfemale bearfemale beauticianfemale cakravāka birdfemale calffemale camelfemale celestial singerfemale citizenfemale cobrafemale companion