fence meaning in marathi

Word: fence
Meaning of fence in english - barrier used to enclose a piece of land, enclose or separate an area, dodge, beat around the bush

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
belen ( बेळें )
कुंपणाचा आडा
Synonyms of fence
wall rail dike roadblock barbed wire barricade railing net shield stop palisade cyclone guard defense stockade rampart hedge balustrade boards posts pickets paling backstop stakes chains encircle protect coop bound secure immure girdle defend pen surround corral restrict fortify circumscribe mew confine cage hem cavil maneuver equivocate shift avoid sidestep outwit evade parry baffle foil stonewall quibble duck feint prevaricate shirk
Antonyms of fence
opening harm injure release attack hurt set free let go loose face meet uncoop abet aid assist
Identical words :
fence of thorny branches - kumpakaanti ( कुंपकांटी )
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