fortune teller meaning in marathi

Word: fortune teller
Meaning of fortune teller in english - fortune-teller, diviner, foreteller, clairvoyant, magician, mind reader, prognosticator, seer, soothsayer, sorcerer, warlock

Meanings in marathi :

daakulata ( डाकुलता )
saravada ( सरवदा )
भविष्य सांगणारा
Synonyms of fortune teller
augur medium oracle prophet psychic crystal ball gazer palm reader palmist predicter spiritualist tarot reader tea-leaf reader prophesier sibyl mystic vaticinator prophetess visionary telepathist channeller haruspex horoscopist voodoo doctor genius wizard witch virtuoso charmer enchanter enchantress siren conjurer shaman trickster genie marvel witch doctor satanist necromancer exorciser thaumaturge illusionist spellbinder diabolist exorcist feats or tricks archimage medicine person miracle worker theurgist mental telepathist mentalist thought reader forecaster sorceress occultist alchemist augurer
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