forward meaning in marathi

Word: forward
Meaning of forward in english - advancing, early, in front, first, brash, impertinent, toward the front in order, time, aid, expedite, send, ship

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
saamoraasaamoreyaan ( सामोरा-सामोरेया )
As adjective :
sanmukh ( सन्मुख )
Synonyms of forward
leading onward ahead forth progressive precocious premature progressing forward-looking in advance propulsive well-developed anterior fore foremost facial ventral bantam wise presuming familiar pushing brazen assuming smart bold aggressive audacious cheeky confident fresh impudent nervy overweening presumptuous pushy rude sassy saucy self-assertive uppity smart-alecky bare-faced coming on strong overassertive along out before beforehand previous alee antecedently into prominence into view precedently to the fore vanward promote uphold hasten help support assist serve back favor encourage foster further cultivate hurry speed champion transmit express deliver dispatch address route remit consign freight post
Antonyms of forward
later last meek timid backward past reversing reserved shy ending ignorant stupid unintelligent decrease procrastinate block hinder obstruct refuse thwart dissuade ignore delay slow cease impede halt stop rest check hurt neglect oppose discourage hold keep maintain
Identical words :
forward in greeting - saamoke ( सामोके )
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