game meaning in marathi

Word: game
Meaning of game in english - brave, willing, debilitated, entertainment, individual sporting event, undomesticated animals chased for food, plot, trick

Meanings in marathi :

jaatiandh ( जातिअंध )
एक प्रकारचा खेळ
Synonyms of game
gallant dogged bold hardy inclined disposed prepared spirited eager interested ready persevering heroic courageous dauntless desirous fearless intrepid nervy persistent plucky resolute spunky unafraid unflinching valiant valorous up for injured lame deformed incapacitated disabled maimed bad crippled ailing weak play business adventure pastime jest amusement occupation proceeding lark frolic festivity merrymaking enterprise merriment diversion pursuit distraction recreation scheme romp joke undertaking fun athletics plan sports contest tournament competition meeting round match meat quarry fowl fish kill victim prey ravin wild animals stratagem ploy strategy hoax derision design tactic butt device prank practical joke
Antonyms of game
cowardly timid meek unwilling unprepared apathetic disinterested unconcerned cautious disinclined capable working afraid fearful weak unready healthy walking inactivity passiveness task entertainment fun surrender
Identical words :
game of running around pillars - khadakhaambul ( खडखांबुल )
game like cricket or baseball - chenduphalichenduuphali ( चेंडुफळी-चेंडूफली )
game played by clapping sticks together - tipari ( टिपरी )
game of dice - daav ( डाव )
game of combat - dvandvapat ( द्वंद्वपट )
game played with betel nuts - maasipophal ( मासीपोफळ )
game played by cowherd boys - humbarili ( हुंबरी--ली )
game like blindmans buff - susaravaati ( सुसरवाति )
game in which the players touch one anothers hands - haatalombi ( हातलोंबी )
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