gift meaning in marathi

Word: gift
Meaning of gift in english - something given freely, for no recompense, talent, aptitude

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vopanen ( वोपणें )
tej ( तेज )
daan ( दान )
Synonyms of gift
premium offering grant bonus relief tip benefit award souvenir subsidy favor donation legacy contribution reward endowment tribute present allowance dispensation remembrance benefaction hand-me-down pittance bequest gratuity philanthropy honorarium boon bounty subscription presentation libation ration lagniappe oblation courtesy provision charity handout token bestowal alms giveaway largesse fairing write-off remittance offertory goodie accomplishment ability acquirement bent attribute set capacity genius propensity head power specialty attainment faculty instinct forte knack aptness capability turn nose leaning flair
Antonyms of gift
loss hurt forfeit penalty taking inability weakness incompetence incapacity surrender miss lack ineptitude impotence failure
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