ignorant meaning in marathi

Word: ignorant
Meaning of ignorant in english - unaware, unknowing

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
hendar ( हेंदर )
Synonyms of ignorant
illiterate uninformed naive obtuse innocent uneducated oblivious dense green in the dark inexperienced insensible mindless moronic shallow thick unconscious uncultivated uncultured unenlightened uninitiated unlearned unmindful unschooled unsuspecting untaught untrained unwitting witless benighted imbecilic nescient apprenticed birdbrained blind to cretinous misinformed unconversant unintellectual unknowledgeable unlettered
Antonyms of ignorant
educated learned taught experienced intelligent aware competent knowledgeable literate talented
Identical words :
ignorant person - vyaahaanen ( व्याहाणें )
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