in due time meaning in marathi

Word: in due time
Meaning of in due time in english - chronological, soon, ultimately

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
disen ( दीसेंमासें )
योग्य त्या काळात
Synonyms of in due time
sequential historical classified dated ordered progressive temporal chronographic chronometric chronometrical chronoscopic horological horometrical in due course in order in sequence junctural order archival tabulated rapidly speedily promptly early directly shortly quickly instantly presently anon betimes fast forthwith hastily lickety-split on time posthaste pronto any minute now before long by and by coming down the pike ere long expeditiously fleetly in a little while in a minute in a second in a short time in short order in time someday conclusively sooner or later finally basically yet fundamentally hereafter in conclusion sometime somewhere after a while after all as a conclusion at last at long last at the close climactically in consummation in future in the end in the sequel
Antonyms of in due time
late later distant far
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