in vain meaning in marathi

Word: in vain
Meaning of in vain in english - fruitless, futile, unavailing

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vaayekolen ( वायेकोळें )
Synonyms of in vain
unproductive abortive ineffectual ineffective useless unsuccessful pointless barren empty idle infertile sterile unavailable unfruitful unprofitable vain gainless profitless to no avail to no effect unprolific wild goose chase spinning one's wheels worthless impractical insufficient hollow trivial bootless delusive exhausted forlorn impracticable nugatory otiose trifling unimportant unneeded unreal unsatisfactory unsubstantial valueless no dice on a treadmill out the window resultless to no purpose
Antonyms of in vain
effectual fruitful productive profitable copious plentiful potent successful useful effective valuable worthwhile helpful
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