injury meaning in marathi

Word: injury
Meaning of injury in english - hurt, harm

Meanings in marathi :

duvaali ( दुवाळी )
traas ( त्रास )
pida ( पीडा )
Synonyms of injury
shock loss cramp cut bruise burn wound damage laceration sore suffering abuse trauma fracture swelling scar sprain grievance distress scratch sting pang affliction mischief hemorrhage slander agony bite bad insult nick injustice libel outrage impairment gash lesion indignity twinge evil abrasion wrong stab discomfiture disservice blemish affront ill chop misery detriment ruin ouch boo-boo deformation
Antonyms of injury
praise compliment flattery happiness health advantage morality delight joy goodness virtue profit aid assistance favor help comfort pleasure benefit cheer kindness blessing
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