just now meaning in marathi

Word: just now
Meaning of just now in english - already, just, lately, now, present, recently, latterly, present-day

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
maghaan ( मघां )
Synonyms of just now
previously then before earlier once formerly heretofore as of now at present before now but now by now by that time by the time mentioned by then by this time even now in the past up to now scarce scarcely barely hardly almost approximately nearly presently a moment ago at this moment by very little just a while ago right now afresh anew newly a short time ago in recent times not long ago of late straightaway forthwith directly immediately instantly first off here and now in a moment momentarily on the double promptly pronto right away soon today nowadays PDQ any more at once at the moment at this time in a minute in nothing flat instanter like now these days this day current coeval being modern contemporary started begun ad hoc extant topical up-to-date contemporaneous existent commenced for the time being going on in duration in process under consideration freshly in recent past short while ago the other day
Antonyms of just now
later indefinitely in the past old eventually future old-fashioned former far absent previous away distant
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