leading meaning in marathi

Word: leading
Meaning of leading in english - chief, superior

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
mushyagrala ( मुष्यग्रळा )
अग्रभागी असणारा
Synonyms of leading
dominant preeminent outstanding top well-known famous popular prominent main noted best principal initial champion premier primary governing inaugural dominating ruling arch first foremost highest notorious number one stellar greatest
Antonyms of leading
subordinate unimportant unknown unremarkable inconspicuous least auxiliary extra insignificant minor last supplementary inferior secondary low ordinary obscure
Identical words :
leading figure - dhuur ( धूर )
leading position - dhuur ( धूर )
leading citizen of a town or village - mahaajan ( महाजन )
leading citizen - maaladhura ( माळधुरा )
leading citizen of a village or town - maahaajan ( माहाजन )
leading citizens - maahaanabhav ( माहाणभव )
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