milk meaning in marathi

Word: milk
Meaning of milk in english - liquid produced by mammals, tap, exploit

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
paaisen ( पाइसें )
Synonyms of milk
cream condensed raw skim formula whole goat buttermilk half-and-half homogenized chalk pasteurized powdered evaporated laiche low fat moo juice two-percent extort drain wring evoke suck extract bleed evince exhaust use fleece express siphon elicit pump empty draw off impose on let out take advantage
Antonyms of milk
hoard leave alone
Identical words :
milkmaid - dahikarini ( दहीकरिणी )
milk pot - saanjavanen ( सांजवणें )
milk-white gourd - dudhiya ( दुधिया )
milk and milk products - payovart ( पयोवर्त )
milk and rice - duudhabhaat ( दूधभात )
milk and water - payapaani ( पयपाणी )
milking pot - bharana ( भरणा )
milk other than mothers milk - varaduudh ( वरदूध )
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