movement meaning in marathi

Word: movement
Meaning of movement in english - motion, activity, drive, campaign

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vartan ( वर्तन )
Synonyms of movement
development evolution shift move flow exercise action progress operation change migration agitation transit displacement deed regression mobility passage stir maneuver flight journey velocity advance progression undertaking alteration flux gesture locomotion wandering stirring changing moving roaming transferal journeying movableness motility dynamism shifting transplanting steps evolving operativeness translating voyaging group faction trend unrest crusade tendency party organization demonstration patrol transition drift sweep current swing front march withdrawal grouping
Antonyms of movement
decrease stoppage stagnation idleness inaction inactivity cessation inertia repose halt pause indifference decline rest
Identical words :
movement and thinking - gatimati ( गतिमति )
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