moving meaning in marathi

Word: moving
Meaning of moving in english - affecting, exciting, mobile

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
chal ( चळ )
Synonyms of moving
stunning inspiring persuasive gripping meaningful eloquent poignant heartbreaking touching heartrending emotional expressive stirring rousing quickening awakening provoking stimulating affective breathless dynamic far-out hairy impressive mind-blowing sententious significant something emotive facund inspirational arousing motivating impelling rallying propelling felt in gut grabbed by mind-bending stimulative turned on by changing flying jumping running going roaming roving movable nomadic portable unstable unsteady shifting walking progressing evolving traversing climbing advancing motile unfixed
Antonyms of moving
unemotional unexciting unmoving immobile permanent stationary dull fixed
Identical words :
moving about - vicharan ( विचरण )
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