net meaning in marathi

Word: net
Meaning of net in english - profiting, mesh, web, capture, gain after expenses

Meanings in marathi :

vaaghura ( वाघुरा )
paash ( पाश )
Synonyms of net
exclusive clear remaining final pure excluding after deductions after taxes irreducible take-home undeductible screen network lace cloth lattice netting fabric lacework reticulum openwork tracery nab entangle bag ensnare hook enmesh trap catch lasso accumulate bring in earn reap make realize
Antonyms of net
unprofitable release exclude gross let go lose free spend
Identical words :
net bag - jaali ( जाली )
network of the roots of a tree - mulajaal ( मुळजाळ )
net of snow - hĩvaalen ( हिंवाळें )
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