part and whole meaning in marathi

Word: part and whole

Meanings in marathi :

ansuansiya ( अंसुअंसिया )
अंश आणि पूर्ण
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part in the hairpart of a chariotpart of a temple meant for performing sacrifices or for serving foodpart of māyā continuously associated with the jīva until the jīva is liberatedpart of māyā in which the jīva is kept in a state devoid of pleasure and sufferingpart of the bodypart of the marriage ritualpart of the upanayana ritual in which a twig of the palāśa tree is sprinkled with waterpart that hangs down but ṭīpapartparthian dramparticle expressing surprise or agreementparticle indicating refusalparticle of dustparticle of foodparticle of negation prefixed to a verbparticle of negationparticleparticular breed of horseparticular family nameparticular genre of poetryparticular gesture in dancingparticular gesture of the hands in dancingparticular gestureparticular hair styleparticular island on earthparticular medicinal herbparticular medicinal substanceparticular movement in dancingparticular movement of the hands in dancing