reins meaning in marathi

Word: reins

Meanings in marathi :

vaagdor ( वाग्दोर )
लगामाचा दोर
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rejectionrejoinderrelated as a brotherrelated to deities belonging to the groups of śeṣaśayya and brahmā-viṣṇu-maheśarelated to the aṣṭabhairava deitiesrelated to the deities māyā and viśvarelated torelatedrelationshiprelativerelativesrelaxationrelaxingreleaserelentlesslyreliefreligious actreligious adulteryreligious brāhmaṇareligious meritreligious mortification performed in fulfilment of a vowreligious practicereligious rite and or the text describing itreligious rite involving singing and dramatic performancereligious rites performed dailyreligious ritual in which unwidowed women offer a mixture of curds milk rice etc to a goddessreligious ritualreligious ritualsreligious wanderingreligious way based on direct experience as opposed to one based on faith a viśvāsapantha