the lord meaning in marathi

Word: the lord

Meanings in marathi :

prabhu ( प्रभु )
Identical words :
the lord of the devatācakra - chakreshvar ( चक्रेश्वर )
the lord of māyā ie parameśvara - chitpati ( चित्पति )
the lord of the world - dunedaar ( दुणेदार )
the lord of the body - deharaaj ( देहराज )
the lord of the whole world - pattavardhan ( पट्टवर्धन )
the lord both of the transcendent and of lower beings - paraavares ( परावरेस )
the lord of the five elements - bhutanaath ( भूतनाथ )
the lord of seasons - ritupati ( रितुपति )
the lord of all religious texts - shaastreshvar ( शास्त्रेश्वर )
the lord a title indicating divine lordship - svaamia ( स्वामीआ )
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