the core or heart of something meaning in marathi

Word: the core or heart of something

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
jivhaar ( जीव्हार )
अंतः- करण
gaabha ( गाभा )
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the core or innermost part of somethingthe corner of a piece of cloth used as a begging bagthe cosmic soul and an individual soulthe cost of carving an inscriptionthe cost of sewing a garmentthe cotton-like substance in a ruī fruit but rājthe couple śiva and śaktithe course of a riverthe courtyard of a temple or palacethe courtyard of a templethe cracking sound of a burning corpsethe cracking sound of a burning funeral pyrethe creation and destruction of the universethe creation of the worldthe creator brahmāthe creatorthe creeper of sensual attractionthe crescent moonthe crest jewel among kingsthe crowning of a kingthe crucible in which the body of a divine incarnation is formedthe cry of a monkeythe cry of a peacockthe cry of a sheepthe cry of an elephantthe cupped palms of the handsthe currency of worldly lifethe current of a riverthe current topicthe cycle of 8 400 000 births and deaths