the final stage of yoga meaning in marathi

Word: the final stage of yoga

Meanings in marathi :

samaadhi ( समाधि )
अष्टांग योगातील शेवटचे अंग
चित्ताची ब्रह्माशी एकतानता
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the final state in yogathe fire in the stomach which digests food and causes hunger pangsthe fire of deaththe fire under the oceanthe first blossom of a treethe first blossoming of a treethe first day of either half of a lunar monththe first fortnight of a lunar monththe first half of a monththe five elements earth water fire wind and space b 2 b mthe five human incarnations of godthe flame of a lampthe flame of knowledgethe flavour of sweetnessthe folds of a garment tucked in at the waistthe foliage of a sandalwood treethe food mixed togetherthe foot of a mountain but ko a mountain slopethe foot of a treethe foreheadthe form in which the deity māyā or caitanya is active in the worldthe form of māyā as conjoined with īśvara and brahmanthe form of the selfthe fortnight of the waning moonthe fortnight of the waxing moonthe four eternal categories jīvas deities matter and parameśvarathe four kinds of fruits heaven hell earth and liberation obtained by a living being according to its previous deedsthe four kinds of speech parā paśyantī madhyamā and vaikharīthe four types of knowledge śābda aparokṣa sāmānya and viśeṣathe four vedas