the head meaning in marathi

Word: the head

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sisen ( सीसें )
Identical words :
the head of a division of an army - upaangaraao ( उपांगराओ )
the head of a village - graamesvar ( ग्रामेस्वर )
the headgear of a nātha yogī - gorakshatopi ( गोरक्षटोपी )
the head of a household - gharadhani ( घरधनी )
the head of a religion a title of malik bahādur - dharmodhani ( धर्मोधनि )
the head of a group of traders - panchanagar ( पंचनगर )
the headman of a village - patakil ( पटकील )
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the headgear of a nātha yogīthe headman of a villagethe heart literally the liverthe heartthe hearth fire of an agnihotrīthe height of victorythe hide of an elephantthe hierarchized typology of deitiesthe higher waythe highest kind of knowledgethe hilt of a weaponthe himālaya mountainsthe hipthe hipsthe hole for the handle of a grinding stonethe hole of an earthe hollow of the abdomenthe hollow of the chest in yogic physiologythe hollowed palm of a hand held out to receive somethingthe holy syllable oṃ the syllable that symbolizes brahman or realitythe holy syllable oṃthe holy time before dawnthe hoof of a cowthe horizontal bar of a pair of scalesthe horse ucchaiḥśravasthe hot seasonthe hottest time of daythe householders statethe human bodythe husband of ramā or lakṣmī