the one who gives the syllables in a mantra meaning in marathi

Word: the one who gives the syllables in a mantra

Meanings in marathi :

aksharadaata ( अक्षरदाता )
नाममंत्राची अक्षरे देणारा (गुरु)
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the one with a peacock design on his parasolthe opening of the larynx and hence of kuṇḍalinīthe or a beginningthe organs of sense collectively literally a town of sense organsthe origin or source of somethingthe original manuscript of the liḷācaritrathe outer surface of a person or thingthe outer wall of a compoundthe outskirts of a villagethe overhanging edge of a roofthe owner of a hundred coinsthe palm of a hand bereft of fingers or the sole of a foot bereft of toesthe palm of a handthe palm of the handthe part between two jointsthe part of a bodice that covers the breaststhe part of a sārī that covers the lower abdomenthe part of a village or town where mahāras livethe part of a village where mahāras livethe part of the līḷācaritra describing the period during which cakradhar did not yet have disciplesthe part of the vedas relating to sacrificial ritesthe past and the futurethe past but pānse common placethe path followed by the windthe path of intellectual union with godthe path of light leading to the brahmalokathe pedestal for a liṅga of śivathe penis and the bellythe penisthe performance of various religious practices directed toward and rewarded by deities rather than parameśvara