the source of something meaning in marathi

Word: the source of something

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
mul ( मूळ )
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the source or original home of somethingthe south-east corner of a placethe souththe southern regionthe southwest corner of a building etcthe space contained in a potthe space within the heartthe span of a persons lifethe span of ones lifethe species and life of treesthe speech of a divine incarnationthe spell of madana the god of lovethe spiritthe splendour of a bridegroomthe spot where a person who is to be killed is placedthe spread-out hood of a cobrathe sprout of a creeperthe spy division of an armythe square frame of a bedthe staff of an asceticthe stain of a deity on a jīvathe stain of matter and the residue of actions both affect an unenlightened jīvathe stain that the jīva takes on after emerging from māyā at the time of creationthe stalk of a green onionthe stalk of a lotusthe state of a woman whose husband is alivethe state of being a husbandthe state of being a lampthe state of being a mustard seedthe state of being a small bit or piece