the type of knowledge given by indra meaning in marathi

Word: the type of knowledge given by indra

Meanings in marathi :

aankush mudra ( आंकुश मुद्रा )
इंद्राची विद्या
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the type of knowledge given by the deities in the four lowest groups of the devatācakrathe type of religious activity appropriate to a particular age of the world the title of a chapter of the sūtrapāṭhathe udder of a cowthe ultimate knowledge pertaining to the one godthe ultimate realitythe ultimate truththe underworldthe universal destruction at the end of a world-agethe universe viewed as a cauldronthe universethe unmanifest body that a soul gets after death in order to experience sufferingthe unstruck mystical soundthe unstruck sound heard by yogis and the luminous point they seethe unstruck yogic sound heard softlythe upper armthe upper floor of a housethe upper nasal regionthe upper part of somethingthe uppermost part of somethingthe upward paththe use of spells and charmsthe vaginathe vaiṣṇava system of philosophythe valley of the godāvarī riverthe vanguard of an armythe veda as brahmanthe vedas as a kingthe vedas as godthe vedasthe village god of pārḍā