adjust meaning in telugu

Word: adjust
 Meaning of adjust in english - become or make prepared, adapted, mechanically alter, especially to, bring into agreement or to a standard

Meanings in telugu :

parishkarianchu ( పరిష్కరించు )

Synonyms of adjust

conform fine-tune accustom fix modify accommodate tailor regulate compose reconcile fit doctor rectify dispose acclimatize order habituate settle redress suit harmonize remodel arrange fix up quadrate tailor-make do as Romans do fiddle with get act together get it together grin and bear it make conform swim with the tide tighten balance overhaul correct readjust improve repair service align focus grind renovate square connect mend polish sharpen tune up calibrate troubleshoot bring into line improve accommodate put in working order standardize allocate coordinate sort systematize accord organize grade tally conclude straighten clarify

Antonyms of adjust

disarrange disorganize disperse ruin scatter refuse worsen disorder mix up derange disturb upset disagree confuse unfit unsuit damage destroy break hurt spoil dull unsettle differ mismatch

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