advantage meaning in telugu

Word: advantage
 Meaning of advantage in english - benefit, favored position or circumstance

Meanings in telugu :

viniyōgamu ( వినియోగము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
advantageous - saphalamu ( సఫలము )

Synonyms of advantage

influence recognition wealth lead profit support improvement asset interest dominance return power choice protection preference leverage upper hand convenience edge superiority gain help precedence prevalence expediency authority supremacy leeway sanction eminence utility hold assistance comfort avail boon resources good blessing break gratification prestige mastery odds aid starting ascendancy luck leg-up

Antonyms of advantage

incapacity inferiority weakness loss disapproval harm hurt injury disfavor disadvantage blockage hindrance obstruction bad luck misfortune drawback obstacle restriction impotence subservience waste stop bad fortune

Related English Telugu Meaning

advantageousadvantageouslyadverse wind on the seaadverseadversenessadversityadvert toadviceaerialafar offaffabilityaffairaffairsaffectationaffected with fearaffectedaffection entertained faffectionaffinityaffix an ending of the seventh case
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