austerity meaning in telugu

Word: austerity
 Meaning of austerity in english - severity, refraining, abstinence, grimness, barrenness

Meanings in telugu :

tapamu ( తపము )

Identical words :

austerity in religion - nishth ( నిష్ఠ )

Synonyms of austerity

rigor harshness strictness formality sternness solemnity acerbity gravity seriousness coldness stiffness obduracy inflexibility stringency asperity exactness hardness rigidity inclemency astringence formalness exactingness prudence temperance sobriety continence chastity stoicism abstemiousness determination self-denial puritanism economy self-discipline chasteness asceticism simplicity bareness plainness starkness rusticism spareness baldness primitiveness dourness spartanism

Antonyms of austerity

informality mildness blandness calmness gentility meekness extravagance indulgence kindness unimportance elaborateness spending

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