bed meaning in telugu

Word: bed
 Meaning of bed in english - furniture for sleeping, patch of ground for planting, base, foundation

Meanings in telugu :

sezj ( సె్జ )

Identical words :

As noun :
bedstead - maanchamu ( మంచము )
bedding - bichaana ( బిచానా )
bed ingarden - kayy ( కయ్య )
bed of bulrushesmarsh - kōdu ( కోడు )
bed insalt pan - tooni ( తూనీ )
bed sheet - pachchadamu ( పచ్చడము )

Synonyms of bed

bunk mattress cot crib couch berth bassinet sack platform cradle davenport divan pallet trundle chaise bedstead frame row piece garden area plot border strip seat basis groundwork bottom rest substratum bedrock understructure insert settle fix embed establish implant

Antonyms of bed

unsettle destroy

Related English Telugu Meaning

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