beg meaning in telugu

Word: beg
 Meaning of beg in english - request, seek charity

Meanings in telugu :

batimaalu ( బతిమాలు )

Identical words :

As noun :
beggar - vanipakudu ( వనీపకుడు )
begging - yaachakamu ( యాచకము )
beginning - lagaayatu ( లగాయతు )
beginning with - kole ( కొలె )
beginning of the rainy season - tolakari ( తొలకరి )
begrimed - dhoosaramu ( ధూసరము )
beguiler - pashyatōharudu ( పశ్యతోహరుడు )
begging from house to house asbee gathers honey from flower to flower - maadhukaramu ( మాధుకరము )
begin to burn - raazu ( రాు )
beg for - vēdu ( వేడు )

Synonyms of beg

urge beseech pray sue implore solicit plead ask desire advocate nag invoke besiege abjure woo importune entreat press crave requisition worry canvass supplicate petition conjure apply to call to impetrate obsecrate obtest bite scrounge hustle ding knock tap brace burn chisel freeload sponge nick benefit score want buzz touch cadge panhandle bum mooch call on ask alms call upon clamor for dime up hit up live hand to mouth mendicate nickel up pass the hat put the bite on put the touch on solicit charity

Antonyms of beg

reply answer leave alone give

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