being meaning in telugu

Word: being
 Meaning of being in english - existence, essential nature, animate object

Meanings in telugu :

sthitamu ( స్థితము )

Identical words :

being withoutleader - anaayakamu ( అనాయకము )
beingson-in-law - allemu ( అల్లెము )
being out of sight - kanuchaatu ( కనుచాటు )
being the last put in - kannaaku ( కన్నాకు )
being to do - kaliyu ( కలియు )
being manifested - tōp ( తోప )
being read aloud - paapathyamaan ( పాపఠ్యమాన )
being behind - pingali ( పింగలి )
beingsmall gold disc worn round the neck by married women - puste ( పుస్తె )
being the spirit ofbad man - bhootamu ( భూతము )
being together at one place - samaavēshamu ( సమావేశము )
being in the same world - saalōkyamu ( సాలోక్యము )

Synonyms of being

living life presence subsistence vitality reality animation world actuality journey individuality substance essence self character soul texture entity quintessence essentiality marrow spirit personality body human thing personage beast animal mortal organism creature human being conscious thing

Antonyms of being

abstract deadness inanimate concept animal

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