bent meaning in telugu

Word: bent
 Meaning of bent in english - curved, determined, inclination, talent

Meanings in telugu :

vinatamu ( వినతము )

Identical words :

bent of mind - ēdupu ( ఏడుపు )
bent knee - gaanjikōlu ( గంజికోలు )
bent upon doing anything - tatparudu ( తత్పరుడు )
bent grass saint foin - doorv ( దూర్వ )

Synonyms of bent

bowed looped rounded arched crooked hooked inclined stooped twisted drooping limp arced droopy sinuous arciform curvilinear angled wilted contorted hunched warped twined slumped humped doubled over slouchy firm tending set bound dedicated disposed decided intent predisposed leaning fixed settled decisive insistent resolute resolved facility forte aptitude tendency ability penchant propensity tilt genius mind-set proclivity tack preference disposition faculty knack predisposition gift bag aim turn nose predilection flair inclining druthers head-set thing for

Antonyms of bent

uncaring undecided straight changeable indefinite irresolute unwilling flexible soft unfixed weakness disinclination incapacity inability incompetence dislike hate hatred antipathy lack ineptitude stupidity

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