bold meaning in telugu

Word: bold
 Meaning of bold in english - brave, brazen, insolent, bright, striking

Meanings in telugu :

gadusu ( గడుసు )

Identical words :

As noun :
boldness - vaiyaatyamu ( వైయాత్యము )
bold woman - pragalbh ( ప్రగల్భ )

Synonyms of bold

daring resolute audacious courageous fearless adventurous heroic forward gallant bantam assuming dauntless enterprising intrepid unafraid undaunted valiant valorous aweless brash confident smart gutsy barefaced brassy cheeky fresh gritty immodest impudent nervy pert presumptuous rude sassy saucy shameless spunky smart-alecky coming on strong vivid colorful forceful definite eye-catching spirited flashy loud clear lively plain manifest conspicuous evident prominent pronounced

Antonyms of bold

cowardly meek timid cautious reticent retiring timorous afraid fearful shy unadventurous weak quiet faint fair light reserved feeble indistinct uncertain unclear vague apathetic dispirited lethargic subdued tasteful ambiguous dull lifeless obscure low

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