branch meaning in telugu

Word: branch
 Meaning of branch in english - department, arm, limb

Meanings in telugu :

shaakh ( శాఖ )

Identical words :

branch ofriver an artificial canal - kōdu ( కోడు )
branch of dried thorns - kramp ( క్రంప )
branch ofriver - paay ( పాయ )
branched winter cherry - pennēru ( పెన్నేరు )
branch growing fromlarge branch - rivat ( రివట )
branch oftree with its new sprouts - vitapamu ( విటపము )
branch ofbranch - selag ( సెలగ )

Synonyms of branch

chapter division office section wing member bureau subsidiary category subdivision extension classification annex portion dependency connection derivative tributary local outpost subsection fork shoot scion bough divergence detour bug spray growth sprig offshoot prong

Antonyms of branch

whole company source decrease

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