call meaning in telugu

Word: call
 Meaning of call in english - yelled statement, demand, announcement, need, cause for action, normal sound of animal, yell declaration, arrange meeting, entitle, demand or announce action, estimate, consider, attempt to communicate by telephone, visit at residence or business

Meanings in telugu :

cheppu ( చెప్పు )

Identical words :

As noun :
calling - aavaahanamu ( ఆవాహనము )
As adjective :
called - hootamu ( హూతము )
calling to mind - anusmaranamu ( అనుస్మరణము )
call to - echcharianchu ( ఎచ్చరించు )
called two pies - ēgaani ( ఏగాని )
callus - budipi ( బుడిపి )
called ten cash - mudēkamu ( ముడేకము )
calling to - sambōdhanamu ( సంబోధనము )
called thugs - savaralu ( సవరలు )

Synonyms of call

signal cry calling alarm hail yawp whoop shout command holler scream ahoy all hail request plea invitation proposal appeal order notice summons supplication subpoena bidding solicitation claim reason urge justification excuse right necessity occasion obligation grounds note song roar twitter warble cheep chirp peep shriek tweet vociferate awaken screech exclaim hoot proclaim bellow arouse bawl yowl howl cry out yoo hoo invite contact ask muster gather collect convoke convene assemble rally ring up term dub name address style denominate christen label baptize designate describe as appoint require declare charge decree elect challenge ordain entreat requisition postulate exact appeal to pray to set apart put predict place guess reckon prophesy regard approximate adumbrate forecast vaticinate foretell augur judge prognosticate portend presage think make rough guess beep blast buzz bleep get back to see play crash hit come by drop in look up run in come over drop by fall by fall down look in on pop in stop by stop in

Antonyms of call

answer reply calm conceal listen refrain ignore be quiet cancel stop receive disperse scatter divide separate distribute deny disclaim dismiss disbelieve disregard remove displace

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