circle meaning in telugu

Word: circle
 Meaning of circle in english - orb, loop, round figure, group of close friends, associates, go around, circumnavigate

Meanings in telugu :

ger ( గెర )

Synonyms of circle

sphere ring perimeter revolution globe circus crown amphitheater disk enclosure belt tire record bowl periphery stadium hoop wheel wreath horizon circlet band aureole compass coil lap halo cycle circumference ringlet bracelet orbit corona meridian turn vortex circuit equator disc cirque cordon ecliptic zodiac colure full turn parallel of latitude school crowd club company camp society fraternity clique party class clan set cabal coterie posse outfit crew crush sorority gang lot mob Mafia assembly bunch companions intimates comrades cronies camarilla insiders in-group encircle rotate surround whirl cincture gird enclose circumscribe pivot encompass spiral roll circulate envelop revolve gyre girdle curve tour gyrate embrace begird circumduct ensphere hem in mill around

Antonyms of circle

inside interior middle stagnation center individual release exclude let go free

Related English Telugu Meaning

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