connection meaning in telugu

Word: connection
 Meaning of connection in english - person who aids another in achieving goal, something that connects, links, something that communicates, relates

Meanings in telugu :

samuchchayamu ( సముచ్చయము )

Identical words :

connection by business - ilaaka ( ఇలాకా )
connection with - prasangamu ( ప్రసంగము )
connection by marriage - viyyamu ( వియ్యము )
connection of its parts - vishirnamu ( విశీర్ణము )

Synonyms of connection

contact relation network acquaintance associate mentor kindred go-between agent relative sponsor messenger association reciprocity ally intermediary friend kinship hookup affiliation attachment tie conjunction linkage tie-up alliance coupling combination union tie-in juncture joint seam fastening bond joining conjointment partnerhip relationship communication partnership application correlation correspondence bearing togetherness intercourse commerce nexus marriage relevance affinity

Antonyms of connection

stranger antagonist enemy foe opponent gap disconnection opening divorce antagonism disunion separation

Related English Telugu Meaning

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